Dispedia is a framework for information brokering and knowledge management in the complex field of rare diseases. On the one hand, the Dispedia framework uses semantic technologies to describe patients affected by rare diseases, and on the other hand, to record expertise concerning these particular diseases in machine-processable form. In addition to the differentiated attribution of facts to the individual need for information, Dispedia enables information brokering which adjusts to the type of recipient, its character as well as its personal attitude. The framework was initially geared to an exemplified disease, Amyotrophe Lateralsclerose (ALS).

Knowledge EngineeringDispedia vocabulary/ontology/schemaThe Dispedia vocabulary is a data model based on RDF by which information about patients is correlated with information about rare diseases and entered in machine-processable form.
Knowledge ManagementDispedia wikiThe Dispedia wiki was developed on the basis of the ontology browser “Ontowiki”. It was designed for the acquisition, application and further use of information based on the Dispedia ontology. (cf. 1.1)
Rare DiseasesDispedia architectureDue to the semantic formalization in RDF, the underlain Dispedia schema can be interpreted by machines and combined with other vocabulary. The combination arises out of the link of corresponding vocabulary. That way, classifications for coordination, patient description as well as for the description of expertise are integrated. Further actors can be integrated across platforms due to the inclusion of e-commerce schemes. Depending on the application focus, the Dispedia architecture can be used as communication support between patient and provider on the internet as well as on the intranet.